A Voice that melts hearts and instills Passion…

Franco Corso is the most captivating Recording Artist  on the International scene since Andrea Bocelli !  Corso hypnotizes audiences with his sensual and powerful vocals, from Baritone to Tenor, dramatic stage presence and charismatic showmanship. His musical talent has been labeled Powerful, Enchanting and Sophisticated. While all these are true, they are a result of something that cuts deeper to the source. Corso’s music is passion personified, a raw emotion that comes through in his singing, which is palpable. Corso has built a music career channeling the charisma and passion of Italian-American singers, effectively transforming past masterpieces into modern treasures. His voice recalls the era when crooners ruled the music industry and avid listeners went weak in the knees at love songs laden with raw emotion.

His hometown Ventimiglia sits along the shores of the sun-kissed Italian Riviera, bordering the south of France and Monte-Carlo. Franco’s love for singing began as a member of the local church choir at the age of 8, setting the tone for his musical journey. Fans over the years have been inspired by his talent and passion, supporting his career from the moment he made his way to ‘his adopted home’ in Florida. What started in his native church in Italy has since taken him across the United States where he has appeared on countless stages, sold out theaters and performing for the President of the United States and the First Lady.

Career Highlights

One of his many career highlights was his sold-out concert at the Berklee Performance Center in Boston, prior to a successful Tv Campaign aired on NBC and CBS where Franco was accompanied by multi Emmy award music composer and Tony Bennett’s musical director Mike Renzi. Franco’s rendition of Bocelli’s ‘Time To Say Goodbye’ was featured on ABC during the 73th Annual Columbus Day Red Carpet event and presented by Joe Piscopo and Maria Bartiromo.

His inspirations are drawn from classics such as Caruso and Bocelli along with the allure of Josh Groban and Julio Iglesias. These influences are blended together as he takes audiences on a ‘Musical Journey Through Italy’ in his acclaimed sellout concert Tour throughout the US. Corso’s talent is galvanized with his multi-lingual finesse to deliver any of his songs in English, Italian, French and Spanish with Pop-Opera renditions and the unique ability to hold a very long note, then transition into musical segues like an vocal rainbow.

Theatre Concerts

Sophisticated venues have included Franco’s presentation: The Berklee Performance Center in Boston, The Royal Room at the prestigious Colony Hotel in Palm Beach, The Kravis Performance Center, The Maltz Jupiter Theatre, The Eissey Theatre, The Lyric Theatre, the Sunrise Theatre and the historical Riviera Theatre in Buffalo, New York and many more…


Corso’s stunning performances include major charity events: The Eric Trump Foundation Inaugural Gala benefiting St. Jude Children’s Hospital, American Heart Association Ball, Cleveland Clinic Mar-a-Lago Gala, Best Buddies Christmas Concert, Friends of the Uffizi Gallery, American Humane Association ‘Hero Dog Awards’ at the Beverly Hilton in conjunction with Lois Pope’s LIFE Foundation, PBS WXEL’s Women with Wings and Wisdom Awards, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, the annual American Heart Association Ball at the Breakers Resort and many philanthropic organizations.

Franco returns to Italy every year where his American fan base can join him for an exclusive Concert Tour orchestrated by travel expert Lexye Aversa. Previous destinations included the Amalfi Coast with Franco’s rendition of ‘Ave Maria’ in the Cathedral of Sorrento, Amalfi Coast, Florence, Tuscany, Portofino, Sanremo, Lake Maggiore and Como.

2013 brought a new chapter in Franco’s musical story with the release of five original songs, which spawned his ethereal hit ‘Angel’ and passionate ‘Marisela’ and in Franco’s eyes it is his love letter to all those who have guided and influenced his path from the beginning of his career until now. It is a testament to his passion and perseverance, but mostly it is a realization of a dream that a talented 6-year-old boy had in Italy years ago.